TAJ Quality Brand


Jerusalem economy mainly relies on tourism income, Tourism value chain in the city mainly formed from: Hotels, Restaurants, Tour Operators, Transportation Companies and Handcrafts Shops that are mainly in the old city. One of the biggest obstacles that is the way of tourism development is the quality of service, since service is the heart and soul of the sector the need of monitoring the quality rose.

In any country around the world, this is the role of the government, but due to political situation, the Palestinian government cannot operate in Jerusalem, due to that reason it is important to create a tool that monitors the quality in the tourism services, and helps the business that meets the quality standards to promote their services locally and internationally.

Bad quality service can be a major problem in the face of development, For Example, some shops in the old city sells Chinese products as Palestinian products, which gives a real bad image about Palestinian tourism sector in Jerusalem.

Considering the mentioned above, TAJ has decided to create a Quality Brand by utilising TAJ logo as a Quality stamp.

TAJ recently drafted an application that contains a set of bylaws, Any member that signs the application and verify his acceptance to the bylaws , will be given the Quality Brand stamp and certificate “ Recommended By TAJ “ , that is planned to act like a local ISO.

The Stamp assures that TAJ recommends this service to tourists , Also Accruing the stamp will Qualify the member to be promoted in TAJ promotion channels , Such as the website , YouTube , Facebook And Special booklet that is issued each 3 months which is planned to be distributed in Local and international events and fairs.

A Feedback system also planned to be built also, that allows consumers to send their opinions and complains if any to TAJ Administration, through our website and through suggestions boxes to be distributed in members business.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Build a successful Quality Brand Image that meets customer’s requirement.
  • Promote the Quality Brand Stamp and certificate in local community.
  • Prepare all related materials that is need to achieve the goals.