TAJ Cluster


TAJ the Crown of Palestine

Tourism, Arts, Jerusalem Cluster  “TAJ”

“TAJ” means Crown in Arabic and is reflective of the importance of Al-Quds Al-Sharif

in the Palestinian tourism industry.



A Unique Tourism Destination

The Holy City of Jerusalem is one of the most distinctive ancient cities in the world. It is the center of the three monotheistic religions and a unique destination for many others who seek a spiritual experience. For Muslims, Al-Quds Al-Sharif is the first kiblah and third of the Holy Sanctuaries, from which the Prophet Mohammed, may peace be upon him, ascended on his divine night journey.  For Christians, Jerusalem represents the incarnation of the doctrines of Christianity because of all the places where Jesus ministered but more importantly because it is the place where he suffered, died on the cross and risen again defeating evil. This is where Helen, mother of Constantine, built the church of the Holy Sepulcher to commemorate his legacy. This is also where the Umayyad’s built the globally revered Islamic Kibleh of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the infamous iconic golden Dome of the Rock. This is where Herod the Great left the most important legacies of his reign and where the Mamluks, the Ottomans and the Crusaders created their historic memorabilia for history to witness. The Holy City is of central importance to the Palestinian people, Jews, Christians and Muslims alike and carries a pivotal significance for many ethnic groups and cultures that weaved their presence into this amazing historic metropolitan center of the world.

Beyond religion, Al Quds uncovers a unique mix of diversity; Cultures, histories, folktales, gastronomies and geographies of all kinds of people have found a way to assimilate into the city’s fabric producing its unique contemporary demography. Yet the city continues to offer its guests an array of modern services and activities bringing together antiquity and aspirations.

Al Quds is the crown of Palestine; it is the Palestinian emblem of culture, vitality, and enthusiasm evoking the spirit of belonging both for its residents and guests alike.

 “What We Offer “

Recreating Al-Quds Experience

AJ Members Came together to provide you with a unique and fresh religious, spiritual and cultural experience that you may want to discover, explore and personally reclaim amidst the misperceptions that continue to encase this holy city. Our consortium of companies include friendly boutique hotels, central conference hotels, family run hotels, a diversity of restaurants and Cafes, professional tour operators, multilingual caring and welcoming tour guides and luxurious transportation buses. We look forward to provide you with a memorable visit and a safe vacation or a pilgrimage to our City.


And make sure to take back with you

a small gift made by one of our local Jerusalemite artisans

to remember us by.

We will go the extra mile just for you.


Who We Are

AJ Cluster is a group of enterprises, companies, institutions and individuals working in the tourism industry in East Jerusalem. The cluster consists of entities that are part of the tourism value chain in the city, such as but not limited to: hotels, Tour operators, handicrafts, jewelry, restaurants, souvenir shops, transportation companies, heritage shops and tour guides.

TAJ Cluster is a business oriented body that tends to formalize the relationship between all players in the industry to establish strong Synergy with the public sector and other supporting institutions to integrate all efforts in order to support and develop the sector.